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Arab Media producers, AMP, in Jordan, Egypt & UK work with a wide range of films, drama & TV shows & Film makers to create a unique content for both to benefit from the quality of the local Middle East setting, while maintaining an international appeal. We provide constant support from script to screen; the company also offers production services to foreign production companies who seek co-production in Middle East.

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For decades Arab Media has been a cornerstone of creativity, working with filmmakers, musicians, artists & creatives, helping them do what they do best – by doing what we do best. Our talent has always been our most important asset. From the welcome you receive to the standard of content we create with you.



Arab Media facilitate fully equipped post production studios & one of the biggest state of the art sound stage in Jordan. We are Content Developer, Producers, Editors, Creatives, Colorists, Sound-Artists, Technologists & more. We are a team dedicated to working collaboratively with creatives, brands, production companies & agencies from all over the world to create top-class content.